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Our Team

Our team of professionals consists of:

David Franklin, the owner and broker of Barrington Real Estate Co. He has been practicing real estate since 1985 and he holds a real estate brokers license along with a homebuilders license. His responsibilities are coordinating daily maintenance repair requests, taking possession of homes when tenants move and deal with the security deposits, establishing a re-rent plan for each home, executing the plan and taking marketing videos and pictures to get the home back on the market in the quickest time possible. David is often the representative in court on behalf of the owner over evictions and collections. David personally inspects each rented home once per year to insure that the tenants are taking care of the home and look for issues that could bring unwanted liability to the owners. David makes the final call on any issue that is over and beyond the office staff responsibility. His direct number is 205-369-8736, his email address is

Charles Stone, the Leasing Agent for Barrington Real Estate Co.Charles is an active investor and licensed Real estate agent. His specialty is SEC 8, HUD V.A.S.H., and Dept. of Transportation relocation rentals. Mr. Stone handles and oversees the lease up process for Barrington and treats both client and tenant with the utmost courtesy, honesty, and integrity.His direct number is 205-296-4997, his email address is

Lindsey Barefoot, Office Manager at Barrington Real Estate Co.Lindsey handles all of the accounting for the company. She deals directly with clients as well as tenants regarding payments and collections. Lindsey ensures that all of the owners statements and payments are distributed in a timely fashion to the owners each month and she is continuously working on better more efficient ways of using our Appfolio Software to benefit not only our company but also our clients and tenants.Her direct number is 205-841-5593 ext 12, her email is

Barbara Handley, Leasing Manager for Barrington Real Estate Co. Barbara assists Charles in processing applications, verifying employment, gathering rental history, and background screenings. She utilizes all accessible resources to ensure that we are diligent in our screening process. She assists future tenants with viewing our homes, filing out applications, and processing additional paperwork. Her direct number is 205-841-5593 ext 11, her email is

Maria Chacon, Receptionist for Barrington Real Estate Co.Maria sits at the front desk of the office and she is the first point of contact when you walk through our door. Maria collects rental payments, assists prospective tenants in completing rental applications, and accepts maintenance repair requests. She assigns work orders to the appropriate contractor to ensure that repairs are completed as quickly as possible. Her direct number is 205-841-5593 ext 10, her email is

Michele Melton, Administrative Assistant for Barrington Real Estate Co. Michele assists in coordinating maintenance repair requests, collecting payments from tenants, and collection calls. She coordinates with David to schedule annual inspections and assists Lindsey in day to day tasks. Her direct number is 205-841-5593, ext 11, her email is